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Founded in the 1950s by Len Ainsworth, Aristocrate Leisure Ltd began creating slot machines in 1953. Ainsworth later left the company to form Ainsworth Game Technology Company. While the company initially focused on making simple three real slot machines, it expanded its production to include card and slot machines games with four to seven reels and progressive machines with a shared jackpot. Aristocrat Pokies are now found all over the world, with by far the greatest following and most obsessed fan base being located here in Australia. In fact I think if you were to ask any regular pokie player what his or her favourite machine is there’s a 95% chance they will say one that is owned by Aristocrat Leisure.

Pokie king len ainsworth with aristocrat pokies and slots

Len Ainsworth with some of his ‘products’

What Are The Top Aristocrat Pokies?

When it comes to Aristocrat Pokies and Slot Machines there are a few names that instantly stand out and are for all intents and purposes are in fact synonymous with Aussies Pokies. If you are an Aussie reading this then you are already rattling off a few names in your head and I’d be almost a sure bet if I was to suggest at least one of those names is Queen of the Nile.

The Queen of the Nile Pokie is without doubt Aristocrat’s most successful pokie machine and has become a crowd favourite from the bottom of Tassie to the Farthest North Queensland pubs. So popular is the queen of the nile pokie that she has spawned no less than 4 different versions of herself, starting with the King of the Nile. There was also a Queen of the Nile II and III and a Lovers of the Nile where both the King and the Queen made an appearance. None of these ever saw the success that their predecessor and original Egyptian inhabitant saw and herein lies a clue as to why the original Queen of the Nile Pokie from Aristocrat Gaming was – and continues to be – so successful. – Let’s explore why Aristocrat Pokies are so popular after taking a quick look at what the official top ten most popular Aristocrat Pokies are

Top 10 Most Popular Aristocrat Pokies – According to Aussies

Aristocrat Pokies -popular pokie games

Queen of the Nile

Without a doubt, the Queen of the Nile and her engaging gameplay, free spins feature and graphics were an instant hit and continue to be a crowd favourite, with the three pyramid ringing that indicates a feature being a sound nearly all Australians who’ve ever visited a club or pub would be familiar with. The Queen of the Nile pokie was also one of the original Aristocrat games to employ the 20 line format and its ability to bet as little as 1c all the way to $5 a press made her a popular choice for all types of gamblers and pokie players.

Learn more about the Queen of the Nile Pokie from Aristocrat Gaming by clicking THIS LINK HERE

Big Red

It does not get more Australian than the Big Red pokie game from Aristocrat Leisure – with the entire theme and name centred around our National emblem and patriotic symbol ….and favourite animal to shoot and randomly cull- the kangaroo. But not just any Kangaroo – this is the daddy of them all, the big fella, the boss man. Big Red himself. Go Big or Go Home!

Learn more about the Big Red Pokie from Aristocrat Gaming by clicking THIS LINK HERE

Where’s the Gold

Australian punters have been enjoying the prospecting opportunities that this fun pokie brings – with the familiar YEE HAW being heard across gaming rooms or pubs and clubs all aross this land. Where’s the Gold Pokies has one of the most engaging and unique special features available from Aristocrat and is one of the defining features of this popular Australian Pokie game.

Learn more about the Where’s the Gold Pokie from Aristocrat Gaming by clicking THIS LINK HERE

5 Dragons

The Dragon is as much a part of Chinese and Oriental culture as the sun and the surf is to Australians and this popular pokies game from Aristocrat Leisure capitalises on this heritage brilliantly through the 5 Dragons Pokie game. According to legend the Dragon is guarding the treasure and should not be disturbed…. are you willing to risk waking her for a chance at the riches that lie within?

Learn more about the 5 Dragons Pokie from Aristocrat Gaming by clicking THIS LINK HERE

Lucky 88

Lucky 88 is one of Australia’s top rated slots game, particularly popular with the asian punters with its play on the luckiest number in Chinese culture 8, triple 8 being the ultimate luck – continues to attract players with its classic imagery and ridiculously high potential for returns – with the chance of winning up to 2000 times your bet in a single press!

Learn more about the Lucky 88 Pokie from Aristocrat Gaming by clicking THIS LINK HERE

More Chilli

The free spins bonus game of More Chilli – the always popular pokie game from Aristocrat Pokies – is one of the best features, with an ever growing number of reels added during the free spins adding the potential for monumental wins – not to mention engaging and interactive gameplay. More Chilli Pokies and slots are one of those genuinely enjoyable pokies and as a result are often hard to get access to at most local clubs and pubs.

Learn more about More Chilli Pokie from Aristocrat Gaming by clicking THIS LINK HERE

King of the Nile

Launched in 2002 by Aristocrat Gaming Tech. King of the Nile was developed in response to the sweeping unparalleled success of their flagshop Pokie – the Queen of the Nile. The King of the Nile is almost identical in Gameplay with one added bonus – he provides the lucky punter with another ‘second chance’ to replay the free games- because like in real life the bloke is always a pushover compared to the ladies 😉 We see what you did there Aristocrat #winning

Learn more about the King of the Nile Pokie from Aristocrat Gaming by clicking THIS LINK HERE

Indian Dreaming

Based on the always popular and our personal favourite Aristocrat pokies layout – Indian Dreaming pokie was released in 2000 and to this day is still one of the most popular 243 way -Reel Ways Aristocrat Pokie. You reckon you’ve found a 243 Line Non-Progressive Slots Machine that is better than Aristocrat’s Indian themed pokie? You’re (Indian) Dreaming mate!

Learn more about the Indian Dreaming Pokie from Aristocrat Gaming by clicking THIS LINK HERE

50 lions

Ready to go on an African Safari to the heart of the Serengeti? If you are then you will be bitterly dissapointed. If however you are ready to play a classic much loved slot machine with an awesome African theme then 50 Lions is the pokie for you – and you are totes going to love this!

Learn more about the 50 Lions Pokie from Aristocrat Gaming by clicking THIS LINK HERE

Super Bucks

Super Bucks is the original $1 pokie that Aussie punters loved. Popular with big spenders because of the $1 line cost – and associated win potential, it is also popular with casual punters who enjoy throwing in a cheeky pineapple. The appeal with super bucks is in the ability to multiply your winnings by up to 100 times – and that’s every time you win anything.

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Why Are Aristocrat Pokies so Popular?

We touched briefly on the why when we looked at the most popular Aristocrat Pokie Game – The Queen of the Nile – and again when discussing Indian Dreaming – the most popular of the ‘Reel Ways’ 243 line format that Aristocrat have found so much success with. Figured it out yet?

That’s right – the key to Aristocrat’s success and the reason their pokies are so popular is because of the format the gameplay is presented in. Other factors like engagement, theme, game options and features have contributed to the overall impact the Aristocrat Pokies have had on Australian punters but underlying all this is the format of the games – because Aussies love to be entertained but shit mate, don’t make me do too much bloody thinking, strueth!..

Engage and Entertain Me…. But Settle Down!

Aristocrat Pokie games are based on a number of formats but they have consistently produced their games in the popular 20 lines format made popular by the Queen of the Nile and the 243 lines ‘Reel Ways’ format made popular by Indian Dreaming – and Aussies love familiarity. Just ask any Maccas manager 😉 But what we don’t like is to be over stimulated or talked at and befuddled with information. Americans – they love this. Talk and talk, shine some flashy bonus 7 at them and flash some lights. Make them press 56 and a half buttons to follow a rabbit down a hole….or something and they will love you …. and pay for the privilege. But not us. And Aristocrat know this.
By creating engaging gameplay that provides bonus options, possibilities of features within features and bonuses on bonuses all while not asking any more of the player than to maybe pick from a list of characters or choose a ‘window’ Aristocrat have found the recipe for engaging pokie play and thus cooked themselves up the most successful pokie games and slot machines this country has ever seen.

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Don’t Blame Len – He Just Lives Here

Pokie king len ainsworth with aristocrat pokies and slots

Australians love a poke – fact. I won’t start spouting statistics and facts because the truth remains – that Aussies love a punt and have a bigger problem with gambling and playing pokies than the rest of the world – almost combined! Yes that my friends is how bad things have gotten in  and around this great southern land of ours and sadly for 1 in 5 Australians this addiction to pokies and gambling on sports is an oingoing struggle that costs the government and communities tens of millions of dollars every year. (Read more specifics about the growing problems by viewing our Aussie Gambling Facts and Figures)

But as we have established – and regularly preach about from our soapbox at, the problems with gambling and pokie addiction do not stem from the pokies themselves. When was the last time a pokie tried to convince you to stay longer and throw another pineapple in? Never! – because it’s not the pokies and casino slots that are the problem, it’s the Pubs, Clubs and our own government who, blinded by billions in gambling related tax revenue only see the financial benefits and increased expenditure opportunities that pokies bring – and as such they (unwittingly or otherwise) will put in place any and all legislation that encourages the growth of this revenue (Read more about our fight and pledge HERE)  – in fact Len Ainsworth, chairman and founder of Aristocrat Gaming Technology has his own thoughts regarding Australians and Gambling, shared in a statement to Fairfax media recently:

“There’s a very simple answer: over the last 62 years that I’ve been in the business each year, every year the amount of money that goes into gambling is directly related to the state of the economy,” Mr Ainsworth told Fairfax Media. “If the economy goes up 5 per cent, you can bet the amount gambled will go up by that or even more.”

“We’re involved in social gaming and the number of people who spend money on games is only 10 per cent. But the number of people we have as customers around the world is astronomical. We’ve got a huge number of people learning to gamble who’ve never gambled in their life for the most part and eventually, those people will try other forms of gambling too.” [Source]

As we established, Len Ainsworth is the founder and chairman of both Aristocrat Leisure Technology and Ainsworth Gaming (recently sold to Novomatic for $473million) and with a current net worth of over $760million US dollars (see Forbes Source)it would be fair and acceptable for any normal Aussie to happily pass all the blame for our gambling issues over to Len and his pokies – even we were tempted too, I mean its not like he can’t afford to get over it right?

But sadly we cannot, because as we mentioned earlier, it is not the pokies fault that we as a nation have become addicted to them. Sure Len has teams of people at Aristocrat who design the pokies and other free games to be as addictive as possible and have changed the win cycles to be frequent enough while not paying enough – guaranteeing players stay for longer and ultimately lose more, but that’s business is it not?

queensland victims of flood now victims of pokies

I Challenge You … To Blame Our Government

I challenge you to find any business that does not look for any and all opportunities to optimise both their product and the journey buyers take on their way to purchasing said product? It goes without saying that any successful company will look to optimise both the sales funnel and the product they are selling – maximizing its appeal to the target market and in so doing increasing the potential ROI of each product (or in this case pokie). Len is a smart business man and has indeed optimised his products (pokies) for the consumers who enjoy them the most – and as much as I’d love to take some of the cash I’ve lost on the pokies from his personal account the fact remains that it’s not his fault – you simply cannot pass the buck and try and blame Len. He just lives here afterall.

The fact our government is against us is common knowledge too btw – with one group calling for all Australians to sign a petition to stop the con! – Click on image below or THIS LINK HERE to visit and sign the petition – and stop the pokies playing you once and for all. Because it seems that while most Aussies love to play the pokies, only a few of us come to see the truth – that being that you don’t actually play the pokies. They Play You.

you dont play the pokies, the pokies play you



Forget Politics and Get Pokie-Tics

Scratch that… in fact even the word scratch seems like an inappropriate use of the language, because Pokie-tics does not sound good – and scratching it is certainly not something we want to think about! – but so is politics come to think of it. As we’ve highlighted, discussed and mentioned – the problems associated with pokies and gambling in this country are well beyond the laughing point and as such it makes for unnecessarily stressful conversation when discussing anything even remotely related. This includes our favourite pokies by Aristocrat and means that an otherwise interesting article on the the best pokies played by Aussies turns into a political debate and gambling forum of sorts….. which is crap!

I say this because for every 1 Australian that is affected by gambling and pokie addiction there are 5 more who can take it or leave it perfectly well – and because the 1 in 6 are so weak and indirectly cost the government so much money, the remaining 5 of us just stand around waiting for someone to make a decision… and all the while we stand there waiting, developing a tick from stress…a Pokie-tic! (sheesh talk about scraping by the skin of your teeth?! – just pulled that together at the eleventh hour

Life’s More Fun in de Nile Anyway…

While I should be apologising for that terrible Pun, I have no intention of doing so. I think that instead of focusing on the negative implications of pokies and problem gambling in this country we take a leaf out of the Ostrich’s book and bury our head in the sand. Len Ainsworth and Aristocrat have indeed created some of the most popular pokies and poker machine games in this country and now that they are available online I think the only way to enjoy them is to do just that! … now Where’s The Gold? Because I’ve got 5 Dragons feeling Lucky 88 and a Big Red Pokie snoring away. I think he might be Indian Dreaming actually….

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