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Welcome to Free Online Pokies Australia ‘ Online Casino Resource and Guide, and not just any guide – the Ultimate Resource for anyone who wants to know anything about online casinos, gambling, playing pokies and casino slots online and all the stuff I can’t think of right now but that is equally important and relevant – especially for my fellow Australians, because as it happens there are some odd laws regarding what we can and cannot do in terms of gambling online, but like any law there are provisions for everyday Aussies and those who just want to enjoy a punt online to be able to join some of the best online casinos and enjoy playing their favourite pub and club pokies – for free if you so choose! So enough chit chat, let’s get straight into it and list some, no ALL of the important pages and pieces of information that will help you make an informed decision – each and every step of the way.

Let’s begin with the reason I bet you are here in the first place – POKIES!

Pokies and Slots

play pokies onlineWhether you call them pokies or slots is neither here nor there, although to be honest most Australians will automatically know what you are talking about when you mention pokies, they’ll probably go so far as to picture a certain one in their head – Queen of the Nile perhaps? 😉 – If you were to call them slots or slot machines then like most Aussies, I would instantly picture a US based pokie, complete with their bar symbols bells and number 7’s – really guys, that’s so 1895 

  • Find out what I was talking about and learn how a humble mechanic changed the gaming world forever over 100 years ago with the fascinating HISTORY OF POKIES and SLOT MACHINES
  • Get edu-ma-cated and LEARN EXACTLY HOW SLOTS & POKIES WORK – and more importantly what your true odds of winning the jackpot are – because 1 in a million is way too generous!
    *Note that this link comes from – One of Australia’s most trusted free counselling, information and support services for any and every Australian directly or indirectly affected by gambling
  • Ready to play pokies online but not sure where to start? This ‘Getting Started Guide’ is probably a good place. #JustSaying
  • If the multitude of online casino and pokie machine terms are confusing you and you’d actually like to know what they are talking about then check out the ONLINE GAMBLING GLOSSARY and get down with casino lingo
  • Everyone always has a question they think no one else would ever ask – and someone has always already asked it. Save yourself the trouble and get the answers to every question you’ve already thought of and at least a dozen you’re yet to even consider at the best Pokies FAQ online. Big call maybe but see for yourself how indepth it is and tell me if you agree that this is THE ULTIMATE POKIES AND SLOTS FAQ ONLINE
  • OK We’ve saved the best for last – because what we’ve prepared is some of the best slot machine tips – But before you start laughing at us understand that we also know how pokies work and as such realise there can’t possibly be a particular trick that can cause you to lose less – but what if we told you There is a way to bet more, spend less and last longer playing pokies? Don’t know about you but that’s as close to a tip on how to win at pokies than I have ever seen.

Aristocrat Pokies – Play Them Online but Only For Free

play aristocrat pokies at heart of vegasSound like a funny statement to make but the fact of the matter is that because Aristocrat Gaming/Aristocrat Leisure – whatever their official name is have not licensed their games for online play, the companies that produce the software for online casinos (Microgaming, NetEnt and PlayTech being the big 3) have not been able to being the familiar Aristocrat games into the online casino games that their software powers. There are however many emulators (games that play from within a webpage) that allow you to play many of the favourites from Aristocrat on your PC at home.  We have many of the emulators running on some of our sister sites but I recently discovered that Aristocrat themselves are actually now providing their games to players on Facebook, on their PC, mobile and through any mobile devices thanks to the apps they have available on the Apple and Google Play Stores.
Again I must stress that these games can only be played for free and at no stage can you wager or win real money – if you could then Apple would not allow the app on their store for starters.

Personally I am not a fan of playing online pokies for free as I enjoy the thrill of playing for real money – and to be honest I dont see the point of playing Aristocrat pokies or any of the free casino slots games because not only do you not win whatever credits appear, you also lose the opportunity to enjoy the improved return rate that the online casinos afford you…. but that being said you can’t argue the fact you can’t lose money either! So granted there is no chance of winning but with the fact you also can’t lose it makes the idea of playing your favourite Aristocrat pokies online for free rather appealing.

Check out and sign in with Facebook to create your free account and start enjoying the best aristocrat pokies and slot machines from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you happen to be residing right now.


Play Aristocrat Pokies Online Free Just Here

play aristocrat pokies with heart of vegas

Don’t see the point of playing Aristocrat Pokies Online if you can’t play for real money?

I totally agree! My colleagues think I have a gambling problem because I enjoy the occasional punt on the Indian Dreaming or any of the awesome Aristocrat pokies on offer at my local and I reckon that playing them online for free is boring and defeats the purpose and enjoyment of it all. Ok so I enjoyed playing them for maybe 5 minutes but then meh – so I won lots…of nothing. No for me the best option for playing my favourite Aristocrat pokies online is to find one of the many equivalent pokies and slot machines that have been created and made available through the various online casinos.

For all your favourite Aristocrat Pokies there are at least 5 alternative games that you can play for real money online. I’m personally a fan of some of the Indian Dreaming alternatives and find them to not only pay better but provide more bonuses and an overall experience that is a lot more interactive than what I am used to – and it’s awesome!

best aristocrat real money pokies online best aristocrat real money pokies online


Australian Online Casinos | The Best Mobile and Online Casinos 

the best online casino mobile casino reviews

The Best Australian online  and mobile casinos have to first establish themselves as good online casinos by offering safe, secure and fair game play – because like the foundations of a house, all the best intentions and payouts in the world will not protect you when the house is falling on top of you. Certainly brings a new meaning to the expression ‘The House Always Wins’ and makes me personally glad these “online” casinos aren’t actually surrounding me… who built this place anyway?

The following 3 Casinos have been independently reviewed by myself and at least 3 staff members to make sure you are getting a truly transparent review, because where one casino might suit a player to a tee, the next player might prefer a different game style and punts less aggressively which might not suit the casino being recommended. As such we have not only provided reviews from a range of personalities, we have listed what sort of personality or gambler we think it would suit the most.

Australia’s Best Online Casinos Reviewed.


 Payout Speed – 48 hours average Deposit Options: CC/PayPal/NETELLER/PaySafeCard Compatibility – Andriod/Mac/PC Signup Bonus – up to $1000

Established in 2002 and powered by Microgaming – one of if not the best online casino software developer and creator of Mega Moolah – the Progressive Online Slots game that has paid out more money and created more instant millionaires than any other online pokie in the world!… Spin Palace is probably the most talked about and highly rated online casino across Australia and so it goes without saying that it was the first one we wanted to check out….

Read our full Review of Spin Palace Online Casino

Spin Palace Banner 1


Payout Speed – 48 hours average Deposit Options: CC/PayPal/NETELLER/PaySafeCard Compatibility – Andriod/Mac/PC Signup Bonus – up to $750

Operating since 2003, Ruby Fortune is an online casino run by The Palace Group and is one of the better destinations for Australians looking for a quality online gambling experience. Ruby Fortune wins our hearts with their support – which is for Australians by Australians IN Australia. Winning! They also allow for the deposit and withdrawal of funds in Australian dollars – so no paying exchange rates from your winnings – which of course is winning in itself. Aussie dollar is weak enough sheesh! Since Ruby Fortune Online Casino is one of the most secure and well established online gambling destinations and they clearly enjoy having us Aussies so much we decided to go and see what all the fuss was about… Ok so the $750 sign up bonus may have swayed us somewhat too 😉 ….

Read our full Review of Ruby Fortune Online Casino

Ruby Fortune banner 1


Payout Speed – 48 hours average Deposit Options: CC/PayPal/NETELLER/PaySafeCard Compatibility – Andriod/Mac/PC Signup Bonus – up to $1600

Jackpot City is one of the oldest and most established online casinos providing online pokies and casino slots to Aussies since 1998 and has continued to raise the bar when it comes to customer service and gambling online. Not only do these guys provide over 300 pokies (in styles to mimic favourites like Queen of the Nile and 5 Dragons), they are also home to 12 of the most lucrative Progressive Jackpots currently on offer in all of Australia. Catering to Aussies with their 24 hour localised support service and a ‘safe as houses’ SSL encryption ensuring your Australian dollars move swiftly into your account within 48 hours of your pokie win, we decided to check them out and see how good they really were. OK so the fact they offer a signup bonus of up to $1600 was always going to be a contributing factor. Well that or the best perk ever!…

Read our full Review of Jackpot City Online Casino 

sign up bonus for online casinos


Payout Speed – 96 hours average Deposit Options: CC/PayPal/NETELLER/PaySafeCard Compatibility – Andriod/Mac/PC Signup Bonus – up to $600

For an online casino to even get a look-in and be considered as a top rated online casino for Australian players they need to meet a few criteria for playability and accessibility – two kinda important aspects of a website promoting online pokies and casino games one would agree 😉 The first thing we here at OnlinePokies Australia demand is a site that accepts us as players, our Australian dollars (not losing MY money while THEY pay exchange rates because they are not setup to deal with our coinage?! – stuff that!) and most important of all – provides ENGLISH SPEAKING SUPPORT 24/7…. And a quick glance at the important stuff looks pretty good….

Read our Full Cabaret Club Online Casino Review Here

cabaret club online casino review

australians online pokies legal rights

Australians and Online Gambling – What’s The Go Mate?

First thing you’ll want to know is whether you as an Aussie can play pokies online for real money and gamble at any of the multitudes of online casinos and mobile casino services that are available – because at face value it looks like the only thing we Aussies are officially allowed to do is gamble on sports – and since sports betting is synonymous with Australia it just wouldn’t be cricket if they said no to that! But Here’s a straight answer – a rare thing these days too!

It is illegal for operators to offer online gambling services from within the jurisdiction of Australia. This means that online casinos cannot operate legally from within Australian territory.

However, it is not illegal for Australian players to place wagers at online casinos that are situated outside of Australia. It goes without saying then that Australians are perfectly within their legal rights to gamble and play pokies and slots online to their hearts content so long as the Online Casino is not located within Australia – and since there are no online casinos currently operating within this great southern land it is fair to say that ‘Yes, Australians everywhere are legally protected and are well within their rights to access one of the more reputable online casinos and enjoy a flutter on the pokies or a spin on the blackjack whenever they feel like it.

The Interactive Gambling Act (2001)

The Interactive Gambling Act (2001) is the policies and laws governing internet gambling in Australia. Every country has one and I recommend finding the Act relevant to you and making sure you are within your legal rights to be partaking in online gambling activities in any way shape or form.  Also make sure the Online Casino you are visiting is reputable – I would recommend reading some of our Online Casino Reviews or simply searching for the casino in Google with the word review after it – you will get a lot of reviews although keep in mind many of these are written by people who seek to profit from your joining so in many instances the reviews or bias and not based on even the slightest fragment of truth.

Online Gambling is one of the most policed and restricted areas – mainly because of the fact Gambling is illegal in many countries but the internet is obviously not restricted by borders and ocean. As such there are many less than reputable online casinos out there and it is imperative that you read all the rules and fine print before handing over your hard earned money. This is another reason why we strongly recommend only a select few casinos – ones that have been awarded consistently for service and customer satisfaction.

Check out Spin Palace – it is our No. 1 Recommended online casino and provides over 300 free pokies to play online for fun or real money.

SpinPalace Free $1000 Signup Banner

Australian Gambling Statistics

Aussies love a punt – and the statistics also reveal the fact that we love a poke – more so than anyone else in the world actually….

australians love gambling and playing pokies

Australians and Gambling – The Good, The Bad & The (very) Ugly

The More official and extremely boring version of the stats are provided by the Queensland Government and was produced in 2015 supplying gambling statistics from the 2013-2014 financial year.
Australian Gambling Statistics


The following information comes from which is a government run website and service providing resources and support for those affected by problem gambling – which as the stats are about to show is a lot of Aussies. We recommend paying them a visit and potentially bookmarking the site for future reference. – Visit here


  • For most people, gambling is a form of entertainment that is enjoyed responsibly.
  • Many Australians gamble in some form at least once a year, whether it’s an occasional flutter at the races, buying a lottery ticket, playing the pokies or a night out at the casino.
  • In 2009, 70 per cent of Australians participated in some form of gambling.
  • Australians spent more than $19 billion on gambling in 2008-09; around $12 billion of which was spent playing the pokies.

Problem Gambling | Support Services

get gambling support and quit pokies for good


First and foremost, let’s examine why it is so important that we provide you with a complete and up to date list of gambling support services – but be warned that no matter how much I sugarcoat it, it will not be pretty.

Actually, before we even look at that, Here is a complete list of gambling support services across Australia, state by state – and the phone number is below:



Memorise this phone number! – or stick it over the magnetic strip on your credit card, or even better over the key slot in your car….unless you live within walking distance of the local.

Let’s take a look at the statistics around problem gambling and addiction to the pokies

Again these statistics come to use courtesy of – see original facts and source document here


  • Some people can experience significant harm from gambling. Up to 500,000 Australians are at risk of becoming, or are, problem gamblers.
  • The social cost to the community of problem gambling is estimated to be at least $4.7 billion a year.
  • The actions of one problem gambler negatively impacts the lives of between five and 10 others. This means there are up to five million Australians who could be affected by problem gambling each year, including friends, family and employers of people with a gambling problem.
  • Only around 15 per cent of problem gamblers seek help.


  • One in six people who play the pokies regularly has a serious addiction.
  • Problem gamblers lose around $21,000 each year. That’s one third of the average Australian salary.
  • Some poker machines can be played at extremely high intensity – a gambler could lose more than $1,500 in just one hour.
  • Young people (18-24 year olds) spend more on poker machines than any other age group. Many adult problem gamblers report having developed gambling problems during their teenage years (source: Delfabbro, P, Gambling Research Australia, A review of Australian Gambling Research, August 2008, p61).
  • Three-quarters of problem gamblers have problems with poker machines. It’s even higher for women – in 9 out of 10 cases poker machines are identified as the cause of problems for women (source: Delfabbro, P, August 2008, p67).


  • Problem gamblers are six times more likely to be divorced than non problem gamblers (source: Thomas, S, and Jackson, A, Report to beyondblue, Risk and Protective Factors: Depression and comorbidities in problem gambling, 2008).
  • Problem gamblers are four times more likely to have problems with alcohol and four times as likely to smoke daily than non problem gamblers (source: Thomas, S, and Jackson, A, 2008).
  • Children with parents who are problem gamblers are up to 10 times more likely to become problem gamblers themselves than children with non gambling parents (source: The Problem Gambling Treatment and Research Centre, Children at risk of developing problem gambling, May 2010).


pokies lead to depression and no one wins - Copy

Other fantastic free services for Australians suffering from gambling related problems are listed below – all these sites provide free and confidential services and we must stress that if anyone tries to charge you to provide gambling related advice and support you should report them immediately – over on any of these sites listed.

  • Problem Gambling – A government website and part of the Gambling Help Online Network
  • Gambling Help Online – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week counselling that is both free and confidential. Some say thank God for the Salvos – we say thank God for Gambling Help Online

get help for your problem gambling with the gambling helpline